Tire Inflation Tools

Digital AirHead BK4

Our Digital AirHead BK4 is the ultimate in hand held inflators. Inflate and deflate without ever leaving the valve stem. The compact size makes it easy to handle and store. It has a large back lighted display that is easily visible in both bright and dim light and the aluminum body with rubber protector means it can take the abuse that is common in shops. The BK4 Digital AirHead is certified and calibrated to +/- 2 psi. Comes with a 21" hose with twin angled chuck.

AirHead BK4

The AirHead has a high strength aluminum body and is tough enough to withstand the abuse that is common in a shop. It has an easy to read magnified linear scale, which is in a sealed environment ensuring debris isn't going to affect the reading. You'll save time because you can inflate and deflate without removing the inflator from the valve stem. The AirHead is certified and calibrated to +/- 2 psi. There are several hose lengths and a variety of chuck styles to choose from.


The Branick BlockHead Auto Inflator removes the need for stick or hand-held gauges! The BlockHead has auto inflate and deflate capabilities with an audible beep to let you know the tire is ready. You just set the pressure, connect the chuck and the auto inflator does the rest. There are multiple ways to install the BlockHead including mounted on the wall direct from any air supply, utilizing existing hose reels, using a manifold for 4-6 tires simultaneously, or mounted on a tire safety cage. The BlockHead has a safety feature for high pressure tires and comes with an air chuck and fill hose. It is also nitrogen conversion ready and comes with a one year warranty.

Model 135 portable airstation

The Branick Model 135 brings portability to auto-inflation. Our popular Blockhead inflator is mounted in a stell casing with a textured handle and rubber feet. The 10' coil hose stores easily with the unit and includes a lock-on chuck. The rechargeable battery can go a whole day on a full charge. Just set the pressure, lock the chuck on and push start, the Blockhead does the rest and provides an audible tone when finished. It comes with a one year warranty.

model 145 stationary airstation

The Branick Model 145 is perfect between bays, providing 0.7 psi accuracy tire inflation with speed and convenience. The 36" working height requires no bending or stooping. A single 16.5' hose will reach where ever you need it and the whole unit only requires 10" x 6" of floor space. The Blockhead inflator provides the same accuracy and performance as our stand alone model and it comes with a one year warranty.

model 155 wall mount airstation

The Branick Model 155 keeps the inflator and hoses out of the way when not in use but available when needed. With four 25' hoses with lock-on chucks, a whole car can be inflated in less time than it takes for one tire with a single hose. All this fits in just 20" x 12" of wall space. The large digital display can easily be read even from a distance and our proven Blockhead inflator means accurate, fast and easy tire inflation. Comes with a one year warranty.