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The Right Nitrogen Tire Inflation System For Your Business

Branick's original family of nitrogen systems are built with Air Products PRISM Membrane technology and are easily identified by their green color. Air Products is the world leader in membrane technology for tire inflation and Branick is proud to be the exclusive supplier of nitrogen systems with the PRISM Membrane in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to our long and trusted relationship with Air Products and our confidence in their PRISM Membranes, we provide a five year warranty on all of our membranes. Branick offers the largest line of nitrogen generators so there's sure to be a model that suits your situation. Our membrane systems are becoming the standard for both automotive and fleet applications, with corporations like Safeway and Wal-Mart using Branick membrane systems for their fleets. At Branick, you will find what you need in nitrogen inflation systems.


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