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Tire Discounters Chooses Branick Membrane Nitrogen Systems Through KOI Auto Parts

Branick is pleased to announce that Cincinnati, Ohio based Tire Discounters has chosen Branick Membrane Nitrogen Systems for all of their new store openings. Since 2004, Tire Discounters was the first independent tire dealer to inflate tires with Nitrogen. They continue to use Branick Membrane Nitrogen systems, Model 7400 Strut Spring Compressors and Model 2400 Tire Tool Stations in their 80 current locations and plan to expand to a total of 140 locations within the next five years.

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U.S.A. Membrane Nitrogen System At A PSA Price!

Made at their manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND, the new 465 Mobile Nitrogen Inflation System features PRISM Membrane technology at a PSA price! This sophisticated, yet simple system boasts six conversion inflator ports that are capable of handling duallies or spares, the BlockHead Automatic Tire Inflator for quick, hands-free tire inflation, and a 30 gallon tank for the fastest conversions on the market.

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Branick Extends Exclusive North American Nitrogen Inflation Membrane Agreement With Air Products

Branick Industries today announced it has extended its exclusive North American nitrogen tire inflation membrane agreement with Air Products, the world leader in membrane technology for tire inflation via its PRISMĀ® Nitrogen Membrane technology. The two companies have been collaborating for 10 years and the extension allows Branick to continue to be the exclusive manufacturer of nitrogen tire inflation systems sold in North America containing Air Products' PRISM Membrane technology.

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Branick Highlights Tire Life Advantages With Nitrogen Inflation

On the heels of numerous tire price increases, Branick Industries highlights the advantages of extending tire life by using nitrogen inflation. In studies of fleets, nitrogen has been proven to increase tire life by 51% or more; increase fuel economy, saving up to $4200/tractor each year; and due to larger molecule size, nitrogen migrates through a tire three to four times slower than oxygen, holding a more consistent, reliable tire pressure.

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American Made Rolling Jacks From Branick Offer Easy Access to Vehicle

Made at their manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND, Branick Rolling Jacks fit the most popular 4-post lifts, replacing original equipment jacks. Available in both 7,000 and 9,000 pound capacity, Branick's heavy duty, air-hydraulic powered rolling jacks come with telescoping mounting brackets and the lift arms adjust from 33 to 50 inches. The narrow width allows easy access to the area of the vehicle being serviced, and the spring-loaded mounting bracket rollers allow the jack to be easily positioned, and then automatically locked into place when weight is applied.

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Branick Launches Tire Explosion Video Captured With Phantom Camera

Branick announces the launch of their safety video featuring tire explosions captured for the first time with a high definition (HD), extreme slow-motion camera. The video highlights the dangers of an exploding tire and features the benefits of inflating with a tire cage and auto inflator.

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